Scott David Chase

After growing up on the Seacoast and being heavily involved in the legendary music scene of the 90’s, Scott David Chase left to find an adventure out west. He is a self taught painter and illustrator.

In the end, he came home to Portsmouth to find his home’s arts and culture scene inspiring in new ways.

The more I discover who is here and who is doing a million different creative things just in this tiny town, it’s a constant inspiration and it makes me want to be even more involved in this community.

Scott is an artist in several different forms and media (including his own skin for his many tattoos), but upon his move back to Portsmouth after being out in Arizona, he found his true passion and talent in painting and illustration.
He has been a part of Wrong Brain; Co-founder of Towing Jehovah productions; also a part of the experimental music projects Viking Funeral and Trophy Widow. He says, “Whenever I’m “not feeling it,” that creative spark, spending time with other artists/writers/creators always seems to re-energize me, and often sparks new creative ideas.”

He finds inspiration in the community, both in the people creating around him, but also in the spaces it provides. You can often find him working in public, like the day we caught up with him at White Heron in Portsmouth.

Shot & edited by Dan Freund.

A new architectural icon

Originally built in 1923, the Memorial Bridge has become an iconic part of our city. It was rebuilt and reopened in 2013. The original was designed by  J.A.L. Waddell and the new one echoes the look and configuration of the original, but represents a sleek, modern form that focuses on the realities of bridge design in the 21st century.

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