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The Beat Festival

Apr 14, 2018 @ 5:30 pm  —  Apr 14, 2018 @ 9:00pm

This is a big one! The New Hampshire Beat Festival is next month on April 14th at 3S Artspace. An array of amazing artists and speakers will be on hand for an event that will be entertaining and inspiring all backed the masters of improvisational music, Larry Simon and The Beat Night Band.

Get your ticket now from 3S Artspace at this link! http://www.3sarts.org/performances/performance/The-New-Hampshire-Beat-Festival?performanceid=2911

The Beat Festival is a culmination of projects, poets, performers and artists that I’ve been involved with over the last year as laureate with Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program and an awareness and fundraising event for the three organizations that I’ve done poetry classes with. All proceeds from ticket sales and raffle will go to Safe Harbor Recovery Center in Portsmouth for people in recovery, The Chase Home for Children in Portsmouth for at-risk youth and the International Institute of New England in Manchester helping refugees and immigrants in New Hampshire. Representatives from each of these organizations will on hand to give us more info on their important work.

Check out this flyer to see more info on JerriAnne Boggis, Alice B. Fogel, Scott Plante, Kris Ringman, Catherine Stewart, Amanda Whitworth, Jonathan Stoker, Alicia Fisher, Laila Ruffin El, Rebecca Allsop and Angela Whiting who will all be on the 3S stage for the festival. https://tribepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/beatfestposter4.jpg

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program not only does your ticket get you into the event but it’s also a donation for our three organizations!

3S Artspace

319 Vaughan St, Portsmouth, NH 03801 United States 

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