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The Ballroom Thieves

Sep 2, 2017 @ 7:00 pm  —  Sep 2, 2017 @ 10:00pm

Stylistically, Boston-based Ballroom Thieves journey through a captivating mélange of acoustic styles, blending folk conventions with modern hymnals, delta blues grit with rich harmonies, exploring the basic constructions of pop music while almost wholeheartedly rejecting its restrictions at the same time.

In short, they are a rock band in a folk suit.

Featuring Martin Earley, Cailin Peters, and Devin Mauch, the Ballroom Thieves have toured relentlessly over the past few years and have notched up stages throughout the country. Their soaring three-part harmonies give their folk/Americana its heart, and transformed the band from buskers to hometown heroes.

After the success of their debut album, they packed their old lives into storage units and opted for the grueling life of itinerant musicians, nights full of IPA pints and days full of angst and tension, writing songs in hotel rooms, and long van drives along the interstate. That ever-present of loss and tension infuses their latest album Deadeye with more heft, more rock and blues, expanding and deepening their chops and ironically making them a tighter performing unit in moments when they are struggling to hold the band together.

“Often the only thing that would bring us back together at the end of a hard day was to step on stage and play our music together,” Mauch recently told an Oregon radio station.

The struggles of a band on the road are very real, but so too is the musical salvation they find onstage together.

Prescott Park Arts Festival

105 Marcy St, Portsmouth, NH 03801 United States 

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