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Mad Haus: Witch Con | Mardi Gras

Feb 21, 2018 @ 8:00 pm  —  Feb 21, 2018 @ 11:00pm

Transmission receipt status :: Confirmed

GReetings tiME traveler [[hello]]

You are invited! Specifically to the next installment of: Mad Haus – A Performance Portmanteau As Conceptualized By The Mad Men Of Oopsy Daisy Inc! Better get ready, sinner! It’s Witch-Con, the annual coven/convention [[wasteland]] for witches, wizards, sirens, vamps, shamans, soothsayers, [[prey]] and summoners. [[pray]] Come meet the top artists in your field and network with the best/ Last year the weird caused a bit of a calamity, but we’ve taken precautions to ensure that nothing will go wRo}[ ***SECTION CORRUPTED*** We provide a safe [[you a r e h u n t e d]] and secure [[w e a r e h u ngry]] environment for all magic practitioners.

What’s better? It’s Mardi Gras! Bring your beads and fetishes and get ready for sin as we debauch with the devil [[sta nding behind you]]. We’re even adding a brass section to make sure our musical offerings are on-the-spot! You who do voodoo can do it true [[ha]].

Time travelers, of course, are always welcoMe.

WHAT IS MMmAAD HAUS? What is MAD HAUSsS? [[a celebration a funeral]] We forgive you, sinner. Mad Haus is the next in an theatrical series from the minds of the The Mad Men of Oopsy Daisy Inc! Ben Hart & Brandon James, the creative team behind the Seacoasts’ recent theatrical smash hits: Avenue Q, Reefer Madness, Rocky Horror Live, Bitter Pill, Rock Of Ages and Spring Awakening, A New Brain. Mad Haus is starting its second season.

The multi-dimensional/time travel art, song and dance saga continues as the Mad Haus tribe brings together Cirque, Theatre, Vaudeville, Dance, Drag, Fashion, Shadow Work, Burlesque, Live Visual Arts, Technological Innovations, Performance Art and Puppetry, to create a fully immersive sight and sound smorgasbord!

If you’re just joining Mad Haus, prepare to be d[[ead]]azzled. You don’t have to have seen the last shows to enjoy this one.

These 20+ multi-disciplined artists, experts in their respective fields, will bring you an un-ending swirl of artistic celebration spanning across too many genres to list! ‘Mad Haus’ is the artistic playground for dozens of professional artists – who come together from all over the country to flex their creative muscles on the New Hampshire seacoast in this one-night-only living, breathing, speaking, singing, dancing, performance art installation backed by our Mad Haus Band regularly featuring dozens of unique and interesting instruments!

Everyone loves an excuse to dress up in costumes and play pretend! As always, our guests are not required, but encouraged to come in costume or creative attire. It’s Mardi Gras. It’s Witch-Con. Come spooky and beady, sinner. Get Creative, get weird, get wacky, come ready to play!

The party begins promptly around 7pm in the lobby – come have a drink, or two or ten (not ten)! Partake in the costume contest around-about 7:30pm! The show shall commence in the grand gallery at the stroke of 8pm!

Mark the Bartender will be serving up his specialty potions and cocktails at the Seacoast Rep’s full bar throughout the evening, and we invite you to stay and dance on our stage once the performers have completed their floor show.

The address is 125 Bow Street. Tickets are $15 or pay what you can at the door. Can’t afford to play? [[pay in blood]] Come anyway. Bring a pal! Blessed to have a little extra this week? Toss a bit more in at the door in honor of those who can’t.

[[see you there, friend]]

Mad Haus is a production of Seacoast Rep’s Red Light Series

Seacoast Rep

125 Bow St, Portsmouth, NH 03801 United States 

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