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Learn to Fix a Motorcycle Part II

Jun 5, 2016 @ 11:00 am

Learn To Fix a Motorcycle!

Woah, lets try this out. This class is an open-concept, hands on learning experience that will engage attendees in a real-life motorcycle restoration project. Under the guidance of you’re favorite local moto-hack, Steve Pamboukes, during this class we will investigate, rebuild, and mechanically restore a 1970-something Honda CB450. This is a classic “bike in a box” project, where we have a mostly complete machine that is more or less in pieces. We will “start from scratch”, identifying problems immediately at hand, forming a plan of attack, and executing repairs as we go.

This is the real deal! We’re going to figure this thing out and get this thing running…. or maybe we won’t, I don’t know! This is a great way to learn motorcycle-specific repairs, operation, and maintenance, as well as get a great exposure to the fundamentals of internal combustion engines and automotive principles.

This will be a multi-session class. Attend them all to achieve master-level status, or drop in as you care to to sit in on that session’s area of focus. Attendance is $25 per student per class, no class size limit.

There ought to be some hands-on time for everyone, so please dress appropriately: covered shoes/boots, work clothes (jeans, Carharts, long sleeves, work gloves, etc)

See you there, lets get this thing on the road!

Port City Makerspace

68 Morning St, Portsmouth, NH 03801 United States 

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