Becky Holt

Becky Holt grew up in Newburyport, MA. For her, painting was always a solace. She didn’t have a flash of epiphany where she suddenly realized her love of painting, instead it was just a constant steady companion, who she followed from New York to Vermont, Italy, and back to New England. Now, she lives in Kittery and paints at the Button Factory in Portsmouth where she has had a studio for 7 years.

A deep belief that life is fuel for her art, Becky has never shied away from experiences and has spent time traveling, playing sports, and developing her other passion for sustainability. Her biggest dream is to find her flow, her style, her unique voice that will become her signature. However, her voice may be developing subconsciously as she straddles two worlds, that of dreams and feelings and that of the practical worldly concerns of consumerism and waste. This conflict is evident in her work, that is at first look raw and natural but upon closer inspection disturbing, as you wonder what exactly is the mass in front of you or what ensnares the fantastical creature floating through a dark sea.

Clusters: crowded, compact, and organized. The natural world: seemingly disorderly, fluid, and raw. I pair these two aesthetics and see where it leads me. I create meticulously detailed oil paintings that merge with organic, unexpected strokes and layers.

These big metaphors are counterbalanced with the tiny precision and detail that she sometimes has to dive into in her work. These tiny details are apparent in her work and give the viewer things to uncover each time they come back to one of her pieces.

We hung out with Becky in her studio as she worked on her latest piece.


  • Resident Painter at The Button Factory, Portsmouth, NH // 2009 – present
  • Vermont Studio Center, Artist Residency // 2008
  • Merit Scholarship, Alfred University Painting Department // 2008
  • Alfred University, Bachelor of Fine Arts //  2008
  • SRISA, Semester Abroad, Florence, Italy // 2007
  • Montserrat College of Art and Design, Viterbo, Italy Program // 2004
  • Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Pre-College Program // 2003

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